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Piper is traumatized and it has difficulty operating correctly for several days a while later.

Red notices her arm bleeding and demands to begin to see the injury. She, Alex and Norma just take Piper back again to the kitchen and burn the swastika into a screen form.

Realizing she apologizes profusely for during her re-branding that she had been trying to "win at prison" and was constantly "getting involved in other people's shit", Piper is noticeably changed after her branding, and becomes a much calmer person with a nicer attitude, also reconsidering her recent dismissive behavior towards Alex, which. Piper becomes conscious of the injustices when you look at the means the guards are dealing with inmates and finally joins Blanca Flores atop a cafeteria table, which she actually is bought to face on for times. Piper assists Alex procedure her guilt for needing to destroy Aydin Bayat and assists her recover the confessional records she left lying round the jail. They reconnect romantically once they learn to communicate once more. Once the other countries in the inmate's riot after Poussey Washington's death, Piper and Alex don't join them, they operate back to their dorm.

Season Five Edit

In the very beginning of the period, she attempts to remain away from difficulty and prevent the rioting.

Her and Alex 'adopt' and 'train' Linda Ferguson on the best way to be a genuine inmate. They sooner or later find yourself liking her and around take her and she also sits together with them, Linda departs with Big Boo. Piper understood that Linda is aware of Aydin therefore, she interrupts the skill show and threatens Linda, whom will act as it is opposite) if she is being followed by Piper to the other inmates (when. ("Litchfieldhas got Talent") Piper and Alex attempt to live a calm life outside, developing a 'dirt home' for a digger.