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The very first time, Williams additionally reveals an event he states illustrates the rapper’s homophobia

Now, the rapper frequently spews venom in the pop that is perky during their shows – an additional target inside the war in the globe.

As well as their intimate high jinks, Williams’ book additionally paints a distressing portrait associated with singer’s alleged substantial drug use.

“His range of medication is ecstasy, in which he often takes their very first hit immediately after their cheese egg breakfast, ” Williams costs.

“He calls it ‘helicopters, ’ ‘taking off, ’ ‘X, ’ or their ‘little males. ’ Slim takes six hits each day.

“He breaks it into half a winner at any given time but that’s nevertheless a entire large amount of ecstasy. Sporadically, he’ll chill for a couple of days but he constantly takes it to have up for programs or interviews. He additionally drinks lots of Bacardis and takes over-the-counter pills.

“I’m an ex-drug therapist and I also told him, ‘You’re gonna wake up dead someday. ’ “

, in which he claims Eminem’s hatred of gays is not any work. It simply happened at a concert in Pittsburgh whenever a male groupie desired to intimately fulfill the sneering singer.