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Dungeon — An indoor area particularly for BDSM tasks.

It doesn’t need to be a place that is castle-like underground (nonetheless it truly can be! ). It may be arranged in rooms, additional spaces, or closets that are even walk-in.

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Electrical Play — Electricity is employed regarding the human anatomy for various feelings. TENS devices are among the more typical items that may be used for electric play, though there are other wands and adult sex toys which also have features to produce shocking emotions from the human body.

Edgeplay — The work of pressing the boundaries of what exactly is SSC (secure, sane and consensual). That will often suggest tasks by having a danger of severe or permanent injuries or death, a rise danger of distributing illness, or an action that could cause emotional harm.


Leg Fetishism — additionally known as base worshipping or podophillia, it really is intimate desire for foot. It’s one of the most typical types of fetishism of otherwise objects that are non-sexual.

Fetish — a attraction that is sexual things or areas of the body that aren't straight sexual.