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I’m A man Enthusiastic About Receptive Rectal Intercourse: Does That Suggest I’m Gay?

That is interested in, wishes or enjoys receptive anal intercourse? Folks who are interested in learning, desire or enjoy receptive anal intercourse. What does that alone reveal about somebody's intimate orientation? Absolutely Absolutely Nothing.

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Heather Corinna replies:

You can find or males whom love or like, it is true. But additionally there are homosexual or men that are bisexual don’t enjoy it, or whom simply aren’t thinking about it. You can find males whom don’t like anal aren’t or sex thinking about it, either. Additionally there are heterosexual males who like or like it. As well as for most of these teams, all that applies to being on either end of rectal intercourse, since it had been, as well as for people who have lovers of every or every. Peoples sex is incredibly diverse, and all sorts of somebody liking confirmed sort of sex can frequently inform us by itself is the fact that some one likes that variety of intercourse. That’s it.

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