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‘The Personal Intercourse: A Brief History of Female Friendship’

Friendship is just a relationship that is uniquely defined because of the social individuals who occur within it. No biological definition unlike relationships such as marriage or parenthood, which have clear timelines and boundaries, friendships have no ceremonial beginning or end. They're not sanctioned by any church, nor recognized officially by any state. This will be possibly why ladies, historically diminished by the federal government and strained by the household, find such satisfaction and energy among buddies.

The stock in women’s friendship has been on the rise, ” write Marilyn Yalom and Theresa Donovan Brown in “The Social Sex: A History of Female Friendship. “For the past 150 years” Yalom, a senior scholar during the Clayman Institute for Gender analysis at Stanford University, and Donovan Brown, a journalist having a background in finance, just take an exceptionally long look at women’s unique way of nonsexual bonding.

Their history starts aided by the Bible, by which females spend therefore short amount of time interacting with each other that factual statements about their friendships are mostly speculative.